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My Father And My Two Loves (eBook)

My Father And My Two Loves (eBook)
Item# Ebook: 9780985577582

Product Description

My Father And My Two Loves

by Miryam M. Roche

is a novel about the American dream of success of a psychologist and a daughter, Victoria Wellington, who thinks her life is perfect in the U.S., but when her father dies, her world collapses with sorrow and despair. Inspired by the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, Roche uses dreams to express unconscious wishes in which she tries to revive, recreate, and reminisce with her father.

Description My Father And My Two Loves is a love story about a young Chilean/ North American psychologist, Victoria Wellington, who thinks her life is perfect in the U.S, but when her father dies in Chile, her world collapses with grief and desperation. She returns to Chile and joins her family in grief. Amidst the grief, Pierre, a journalist, seduces her and she thinks he is her ideal man. However, after some time, she falls in love with Edward, one of Pierre’s best friends. A love triangle leads Victoria to an unimaginable and shocking denouement and to understand the psychology and meaning of true love. The novel represents the human condition from which we cannot escape such as love, death, and hope.

My FATHER AND MY TWO LOVES makes us reflect on existential questions and the meaning of life and how we often do not take into account the love and meaning for our loved ones until we collapse in a tragedy of sadness. But amid the sadness, unexpectedly, many of us find love in our lives which helps us to overcome grief and to understand the essence of love and existence.

Product Details

Release Date: May 26, 2014

Publisher: Manchester Publishing Inc.

ISBN: 9780985577582

Language: English

Format: ebook(epub)