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A Handful Of English Classic

A Handful Of English Classic
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The novel A Handful of English Classic by Miryam M. Roche is a stunning and unforgettable social satire about young and beautiful, Charlotte Wellington, a professor and a writer, filled with excitement, but unfaithful to her wealthy aristocratic British journalist husband, Edward Wellington. When a love affair with a student ends in a scandal, she thinks her marriage is over, but her husband forgives her. Will her husband forgive her again when she has a love affair with the tutor of their children and be happy ever after? When they hire a tutor, Gerard Lovell, to teach their children French and Spanish, they think the tutor is perfect for their children. Instead, a forbidden love triangle leads Charlotte to an unimaginable tragedy that forces her to move away to start a new beginning. Far away, she uncovers a family secret that has the power to rescue people from the psychological effects from a devastating earthquake. But unexpectedly, when one of Charlotte’s past lovers comes back and threatens her happy marriage, she is forced to either tell her husband about it or hide it and regret the consequences for the rest of her life of what she could have done. A Handful Of English Classic is about love, marriage, adultery, wealth, social class, tradition, education, etc. and the human condition from which we cannot escape.